Bulan suci Ramadhan tahun 1440 H ini tercemar dengan aksi kerusuhan pada tgl 22 Mei 2019. Semoga bangsa Indonesia semakin bertambah dewasa sehingga kesempatan rekonsiliasi dengan Syawalan betul-betul kita bisa manfaatkan untuk berpikir arif dan bijaksana.
August 2019
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Welcome to my personal website...

Thank you for visiting my page. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this page as an easy access to my articles, lectures, books and all academic works that I have developed as a scholar. This page is provided for students, academics, bureaucrats, journalists, politicians, and any guests who are interested to my works and activities. I am a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Public Policy and Management, or formerly Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Gadjah Mada Unive...[detail]

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The Quest for Transparency
09 April 2019


Power, Compliance and Ethical Legitimacy
09 April 2019


Ethics, the Fundamentals of Accountability
09 April 2019


What is accountability and why is it imperative?
09 April 2019


Syllabus of the course: Public Sector Accountability
09 April 2019

Public Sector Accountability is a compulsory course for the IUP (International Undergraduate Program) under the department of Public Policy and Management. This course is basically aimed at disseminating ethical values in the conduct of public officials. There have been new concepts introduced in public administration, i.e. public value, accountability, and public consent, that are meant to create better and more responsive systems in public administration. [detail...]

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