Tahun 2024 ini rakyat Indonesia akan mengadakan perhelatan besar: Pemilu untuk meneruskan regenerasi kepemimpinan. Ada banyak pendapat bahwa Indonesia sedang mengalami "democracy backsliding" sehingga kualitas hasil Pemilu kali ini banyak diragukan. Betulkah?
April 2024
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Economic Principles
Lecture #4, Theory of Production
20 September 2015
On the theory of production and its implication to public policy. [selengkapnya...]
Elasticity, Supply & Demand, and Government Policies
07 September 2015
The impact of government policies on economy can be understood by explaining two aspects: price control and taxation. The basic principle of microeconomics relevant to explain this is elasticity, how supply and demand curves respond to different levels of price and income. Students of public policy should understand these concepts not only by exercising calculations, drawing graphs, and interpreting economic statistics. But, most importantly, they should understand the fundamental logic behind each concepts, practical examples, and policy consequences. [selengkapnya...]
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