Tahun 2024 ini rakyat Indonesia akan mengadakan perhelatan besar: Pemilu untuk meneruskan regenerasi kepemimpinan. Ada banyak pendapat bahwa Indonesia sedang mengalami "democracy backsliding" sehingga kualitas hasil Pemilu kali ini banyak diragukan. Betulkah?
May 2024
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Thank you for visiting my page. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this page as an easy access to my articles, lectures, books and all academic works that I have developed as a scholar. This page is provided for students, academics, bureaucrats, journalists, politicians, and any guests who are interested to my works and activities. I am a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Public Policy and Management, or formerly Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Gadjah Mada Unive...[detail]

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"Trusting the Evidence: The Best Survival-Kit Under the Uncertainties", Webinar IAPA-Dept PPM, Jogja
27 Februari 2021

Indonesian people have been suffered under the Covid-19 pandemic in the last eleven months. Nobody knows when this global pandemic will end. Worse, in Indonesia the government does not have enough basis for taking necessary policy while the people are mostly confused about what has to be undertaken for precautionary and for controlling the contagion. Although the government has launched massive vaccination program since January 2021, so many political interests are involved in any kinds of policy. Lack of evidence on the pattern of infections, inadequate bio-surveillance, limited number of testings, and ignorance among the communities, are obvious in the country. Under the auspices of IAPA online seminar, I shared my views with academic as well as practitioner colleagues. [detail...]

Consumer Behaviour and Public Policy
15 Oktober 2019

Why monopolies are bad and what are the roles of government to solve the problem of market failures? These are among the questions to be answered when we talk about public policy. The assumption that market would result in Pareto-efficient production and consumption certainly cannot be taken for granted. However, it is important for all policy makers to understand the objectives of any economic policies so that they would not be diverted by short-sighted interests. [detail...]

Elasticity, Supply and Demand, and Government Taxes
15 Oktober 2019

The effect of government policy to control prices can be understood from the perspective of micro as well as macro level. Likewise, the effect of taxation policy can be explained by understanding the micro-economic as well as the macro-economic aspects. These are among the fundamental concepts in economics that must be understood by students in public policy and management. [detail...]

Introduction to Economic Principles; Supply, demand and public policies
15 Oktober 2019

Students have been presumably exposed with all fundamentals about micro-economics, especially about demand and supply equation, the general issues of scarcity, and the roles of government to facilitate the market. Some of such general principles in economics have even been given since secondary schools. Nevertheless, it is important to start with such general principles because students need to understand these basic concepts before they really are able to understand the more complicated issues in economics. [detail...]

The Quest for Transparency
09 April 2019


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