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Desember 2023
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Judul Addressing Global Issues With Collective and Concerted Actions
Penulis Wahyudi Kumorotomo, Muhammad Baiquni
Penerbit UGM Press
Tahun 2022

As a compilation of research and scholarly articles under the auspices of Dewan Guru Besar (Board of Professors) of Gadjah Mada University, this volume is expected to contribute for the Sherpa Track of G20 forum. We expect that multi-disciplinary approach among university scholars would provide a comprehensive understanding on what to be considered by the G20 country leaders who are scheduled to meet in Bali, Indonesia in 2022. Parallel to the three prioritized agendas for G20, critical reviews on health system after the Covid-19 global pandemic, changing activities and lifestyle under digitalized economy, and transition towards sustainable energy are presented. Cases are mostly taken from the Indonesian experience. We would argue that interdependency and partnership among countries are inevitable and that we must understand and acknowledge it more than ever. All the critical global issues -- health, poverty, climate change -- can only be addressed with collective actions of all individuals in developed as well as developing countries. The collective awareness of the new world order for healthy, smart, and green lifestyle is essential to the future living in the planet. The G20 forum is crucial as it represents 65 percent of the world population and 80 percent of the world economy. We hope that G20 leaders have a full commitment and capacity to conduct an orchestra of global community which enable and empower citizens while acknowledging cultural diversity in their respected countries. It is a high time for all of collective and concerted actions.
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